Start slowly for your life

  • Most people think of success without running what the average person to do that is school. And it sometimes successfully sometimes not, depending on each individual. Are they trying to hard? Or indifferent? There was also among those who thought it was his destiny, to live like running water just go with the flow kehidupanya. Born from a family of middle economy to live like their previous ones. There is a saying “born of a poor family is not your fault, the fault of the people you earlier. But ending the impoverished at life your absolute error “. Well, think constantly without action does not change anything. Innovative thinking, trying to be proactive creative fruition. We run live only see two sides, namely, the positive side and the negative side (good and bad). With you think this way you will be able to solve a problem in your life well. We also have to have principles in life, why not? Because the principle is the foundation of our life to live.

Habbie Reksa

Life is Choice Mindset is DOA

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