Farmer in Bangka Belitung Island (INDONESIAN)

In the year 2015 and BPS survey data states 60% of the people of Bangka Belitung work as farmers. Within the scope of Bangka Belitung; pepper farmers, rubber farmers, oil palm farmers, sugar palm farmers and rice farmers. The land of Bangka belitung is fertile enough for farming, but there are times when the farmers in November are a little bit hard because of the rain that almost every day descends on that month (November Rain). If the weather is in its normal year then it will be expected to rain in November. Rubber farmers today can no longer be used for sale or sale and sold for sale and sold pepper in November because it will be difficult to dry and reduce the quality of pepper. From 2016 until mid 2017 there has been a problem with Central Bangka pepper plantations to South Bangka. The problem is the yellow pest in the pepper plant. This is a ready made version because this pest is a total dead pepper plant. In the East belitung region is one of the largest producer of palm sugar. The majority of its people work as sugar palm farmers. The problem in east belitung is the place of palm sugar refiner and access and place to be sold out area. Hopefully the government gives aid and destruction of prioritizing plantation and agriculture in Bangka Belitung.

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